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Welcome to RedDog Graphics. I am RedDog3d, also known as Greg Hess.

I have been working with photography since 1976, starting with 35mm film medium, in both black and white and color. In 1998, I began experimenting with digital medium, and made the full transition to digital only in 2004.

Currently, I work with a Nikon D90 and 3 different lenses. I also use an SB900 Flash unit when needed or a 750w moonlight flash for studio work.

My favorite subjects are skies, landscapes, nature, and of course, dogs.

I also have worked with 3d graphics since 1999. I usually work with scifi, fantasy, and scenic views with my 3d graphics. My tools of choice are Vue, Poser, and Paint Shop Pro for touchups.

I have included a few galleries here to get your interest going. If you are interested in purchasing prints, use the Contact Me link and provide information as to the size and medium you would like for the print, along with what photograph.

I hope you enjoy the galleries.


aka RedDog3d

Through my eyes...

Left: Storm front moves in during sunset in Central Florida.

Right Top: Sunset on Siesta Key, Florida.

Right Bottom Left: A pair of giraffes.

Right Bottom Right: My Rat Terrier Mix, Coco, posing in the afternoon sunlight.